Sometimes called “open access” or “open science,” open scholarship is a broad term encompassing the swift and unrestricted sharing of scholarly work across disciplines. Open scholarship supports and advances inclusivity, accessible and high-quality research, innovation, and collaboration. In the spring of 2023, UVM’s Faculty Senate passed a resolution calling on “the different colleges and schools of the University to develop policies and procedures promoting open access sharing of scholarly output” and to “review their incentive structures in hiring, reappointment, promotion, and tenure [RPT] to ensure alignment with open scholarship …" The Office of the Provost is collaborating with university leaders on this national and global movement to make knowledge inclusive and accessible.


    NASA Releases Open Science Course

    NASA released its free Open Science 101 curriculum to empower researchers, early career scientists, and underrepresented communities with the knowledge and tools necessary to embrace open science practices.

    “NASA is committed to ensuring people around the world have equal and open access to science data whenever they need it,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “This innovative curriculum will support the White House’s Year of Open Science to help people make informed, research-based decisions that will benefit humanity and improve life here on Earth.” read more

Diamond Open-Access Model

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