This is a model or template for a letter to be sent to outside reviewers. While it is not a requirement that the exact wording is used, the letter does include the basic information that all reviewers should receive. For represented faculty members, please see Article 14.5.e.ii in the UVM-UA Agreement for additional information on choosing reviewers and a definition of "arms length" reviewers.

One example of material that may accompany this letter is:

  • The candidate's vitae.
  • The candidate's one page research statement.
  • Scholarly publications and work that is either under review or accepted for publication.
  • The department's (or college) criteria for assessing scholarship for promotion and tenure. Note: a copy of approved college or school RPT Guidelines must be provided to external evaluators (ref. Article 14.4, para 5).
  • The section of the CBA on the review of scholarship for promotion and tenure.

Please also note that the chair (or dean when there is not a chair) is responsible for the final choice of reviewers. The Chair statement should also indicate

  • what materials were provided to evaluators
  • the basis for selecting the evaluators
  • a description of the evaluator qualifications and relationship to the candidate

(For represented faculty, see Article 14 for further information on the Chair statement.)

External Reviewer Letter Example (updated October 2019)