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UVM Police Services is a sworn police agency with statewide authority, whose primary role is public safety.

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All members of the UVM Police Service team are guardians of the community. Our call is to serve and protect the most diverse community in the State of Vermont. As a progressive leader in Police Services, UVM-PS provides a full array of public educational services, a collaborative approach to defining and addressing community needs and problem solving.

UVM Police Services Customer Service Survey Now Open

The 2017 UVM Police Services Customer Service Survey is now live! UVM Police is committed to always striving to improve the services we provide to our community. Your feedback helps us to ensure we continue providing excellent customer service in every aspect of our work, and that we can keep growing and getting better as an organization. 

R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Training for UVM Women

A self-defense course is being offered through UVM Police Services for all UVM women. It is a 12-hour course (held in four 3-hour sessions) designed to empower women, teach valuable defense skills, physical confrontation skills, and how to take control for yourself. You will learn how to use your mind, your voice, and your body in this course.

The first 3-hour class is lecture style to disseminate information regarding crime awareness and prevention. The next two 3 hour classes are focused on physical self-defense techniques. The final class is a review of the self-defense techniques and simulation (optional) which consist of scenarios allowing the students to use their skills.

Our Commitment to Diversity

UVM's Department of Police Services recognizes that diversity, the differences between people, exists as a driving force in our interactions with people and institutions in the University community. We recognize, as well, that our authority, and ultimately, our institutional existence, is predicated upon the people in our community.

In order to provide the highest quality of police service, we must be committed to the recognition and reflection of that diversity and incorporate its realities into our strategic planning and our day-to-day operations. Moreover, Police Services is committed to the belief that there is an intrinsic worth in all people, an irreducible quality whose protection and benefit is the basis for police service. We believe that the recognition of diversity is no less than the recognition of this worth. A commitment to honor the rights and provide for the needs of all people equally is our expression of this recognition.


284 East Avenue
Burlington, VT 05405-3401

Emergency: 9-1-1
Headquarters: (802) 656-3473
Fax: (802) 656-8077
Administrative: (802) 656-2027
TIPS Line: (802) 656-TIPS (anonymous)

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is free 24/7 support for anyone in crisis in VT or nationally.
Just text VT to 741741 from anywhere in Vermont.

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