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Department Divisions

UVM Police Services is comprised of multiple divisions, units, and programs. Below you will find descriptions of the teams that collectively serve and protect the members of the Univesrity community and its visitors. 


The UVM Police Services' patrol division consists of the sworn, uniformed members of the department. Officers within this division are the first to arrive on scene for emergency calls. The officers in the patrol division take police reports, investigate crimes, and are authorized by the State of Vermont to make arrests. The patrol division is also actively engaged in community events, some of which include safety talks and self-defense classes. 

Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol is a unit of the patrol division. Uniformed patrol officers use our police electronic bikes (e-bikes) to patrol the campus. The bikes allow officers to patrol in areas that a car cannot reach, and still respond to calls in an expedient manner. Officers in this unit are certified e-bicycle patrol officers. 

Community Engagement and Outreach

The goal of this division is to prevent crime before it takes place. From assessing the safety and security aspects of building design, to providing workshops on topics such as Active Shooters, the Community Engagement and Outreach division does it all. 

Criminal Investigations (ISU)

The Investigative Unit is comprised of our department's detectives. They investigate all major crimes that occur on campus, some of which include arson, sexual assaults, and theft. UVM Police Services also employs a detective as part of the collaborative unit CUSI

Service Unit

The Service Unit consists of several service officers who perform security/access activities in support of Police Services. In addition to securing many of the buildings around campus, and monitoring for security issues, the service unit provides assistance to members of the community. Our Service Unit provides safety escorts, enables access to classrooms, offices, and residence halls. 


UVM's Police Dispatch Center is an E911 Call Center, which is a fully integrated, around-the-clock emergency dipatch center. This center is the only non-state operated Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the State of Vermont. This unit dispatches for both UVM Police and UVM Rescue. 

The Dispatch Center provides a number of other support services that include alarm monitoring, answering both emergency and non-emergency calls, dispatching for Champain College, and performing Parking Services assistance after hours.

Administration and Accreditation

UVM Police Services' Administrative staff monitors our front desk during business hours, performs civil fingerprinting, is administrative support for leadership staff, and gathers statistics. Our administrative staff also collects our crime statistics and reports. This list is not comprehensive, as our administration assists with a number of other duties. 

Our Accreditation staff assists in monitoring our policies and training records to assure that all full-time officers are in compliance with both the state and our CALEA accreditation