UVM Police Services offers a wide variety of both on campus and off campus safety presentations and talks. If you are interested in having us come to speak with a group or at an event, please contact our Community Relations Officer Sue Roberts or call 802-656-3473.

This is a list of presentations we currently offer. The list is not complete. 

To request any of these talks, or a talk on any other theme, please contact Sue Roberts or call (802) 656-3473.

  • When to call the police

  • What to expect when the police come 
    We offer talks for the general community as well as for specialized populations who may have specific concerns

  • Know your rights

  • How to be a good bystander

  • Dealing with interpersonal violence or trauma

  • Safety Assessments
    For those who have been recent or past victims of a burglary, interpersonal violence, stalking or have the interest in improving the safety of their living situation

  • How to be a good neighbor both in a dorm and in the world

  • What is medical amnesty? What is a detox?

  • Illegal drug and prescription trends on UVM's campus

  • To serve and protect
    An open discussion on police and current social conflicts, we encourage those who request this talk to be willing to engage in discussion rather than be guests of a lecture

Headquarters: (802) 656-3473
Fax: (802) 656-8077
Administrative: (802) 656-2027
TIPS Line: (802) 656-TIPS (anonymous)


284 East Avenue
Burlington, VT 05405-3401