Prema Menon, Dryver Huston, Tian Xia, Randall Headrick

Innovative and creative work at UVM has greatly benefited the community by advancing new ways of thinking about the environment, social systems and human health, as well as supporting statewide economic development.

As the breadth and magnitude of our research grows, we seek to provide opportunities for our faculty to successfully bring innovations to market and launch new companies. We believe this is critical to our success as a research university and in fulfilling our mission as a land grant university.

To accelerate this translation of new knowledge into tangible benefits to society, we are pleased to offer the SPARK-VT program. SPARK-VT brings the experience and insight of a panel of distinguished industry experts and successful entrepreneurs to the critical evaluation of promising, innovative applications of new knowledge.


  • To accelerate the process of moving discoveries into the marketplace for the benefit of society.
  • To develop an environment at UVM that encourages and enables moving innovative, collaborative research toward commercialization.
  • To increase competitiveness for research funding involving small business and commercialization.
  • To educate faculty on how to transition innovative ideas and discoveries into commercial applications.


SPARK facilitates the discovery-to-commercialization process for those researchers who, working through UVM Innovations, are have applied for patent or copyright protection of their intellectual property. We are pleased to note that the investments made to UVM Faculty through the SPARK Program have helped launch several successful companies, such as Benchmark Space Systems, Coremap, Wiser Systems and Packetized Energy.

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Ryan McDevitt and Darren Hitt of Benchmark Space Systems

Product and team of Packetized Energy