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The University of Vermont commits to a culture of health, empowering, and encouraging individual wellbeing.  UVM Employee Wellness provides leadership, education, and resources to promote healthy lifestyles and lower health risks for the UVM community.  

Employee Flu Shot Clinics - 2023 Registration is Open

Flu Shot Clinics On Campus

The 2023 sessions of flu shot clinics begins 10/10, with one clinic per week through 11/15.  Appointments are required, please register early.  


Group Fitness Classes with UVM Campus Rec for Faculty & Staff - Fall 2023

New for Fall 2023 (Flyer)

FREE WEEK - August 28 - September 3

Fall Unlimited Class Schedule 

Purchase Your Pass

  • How to access group fitness classes at Campus Rec?
    • All Faculty & Staff are required to purchase a pass
    • Employee Wellness is subsidizing the Fall 2023 Semester Pass
      • Pay $50 & Employee Wellness will cover the remaining $50 for 1st 150 passes sold
      • After 150 passes are sold, or September 3, which ever comes 1st, next 60 passes sold will cost $75 and Employee Wellness will cover the rest
      • Full Academic Year pass remains full price, $200.  If you are able to afford a full membership please continue to support Campus Rec, we aknowledge some employees may have barriers to afford fitness and others do not
    • No advanced sign up, all in person, show up and enjoy!
    • All Classes take place at PFG (Patrick, Forbush, Gutterson Athletic Complex) in the Campus Rec Fitness Hub, take a right through the double doors when you enter facing Patrick Gymnasium
  • How to purchase the pass?
    • Employees are prompted to log in using their Net ID & Password
    • Choose Group Fitness
    • Select Group Fitness Fall Semester Unlimited by clicking the small green plus sign
    • bottom of your screen - ADD TO CART
    • Check the waiver box
    • Complete the transaction
    • Questions? email campus.recreation@uvm.edu or employeewellness@uvm.edu
  • Are there virtual options?
    • There are no live virtual options for participation
    • Asynchronous pre-recorded classes are available on Campus Rec Employee Wellness YouTube playlist
    • Headspace offers MOVE Mode for yoga, dance, & cardio classes of different lengths
  • Can I use the fitness center, pool, or indoor track?
    • UVM Campus Rec has more than classes - check out their facilities, open rec times & membership options (Employees are free!)



UVM Health and Wellness Coaching Employee Connection - Fall 2023 Program Registration Open Now

Ready to make a lasting change to improve your health? 

Learn More 


This program was formally Open Source Wellness@UVM, you can expect the same great program & health coaches to support employees with physical activity, nutrition discussions, stress reduction, and social support. We do it in a way that is affordable, accessible, relevant to university and medical center employees, and experiential: We don't just talk about healthy living; we do it together!

Each week we do fun movement. moment of mindfulness. mini "Spark" lesson, and small coaching groups.

We find our inner motivation and drive to do those things we want to do for our health but haven't been able to put into action. Our goal is to make the healthy decision the easy decision.

Participants remark about how the camaraderie, motivation, and fun movement break in their workday inspires them:

"I like that I check in with my health every week. It's easy to skip that part of my life."
"Feeling accountable to my small group keeps me coming back."
"It's not 'lectury' or dry. The coaches are part of our community."

Join this innovative, 12-week program led by certified health coaches. Rolling admissions allow for new participants each month. We are now taking registrations for September 2023. Registration fee is $25, and participants who participate in the research surveys are entered to win a raffle prize after each surevey of a digital $25 Hannafords gift card.

What: 12 Week Group Health and Wellness Coaching for Employees

When: September 12, each Tuesday at noon

Where: virtual meetings 

Cost: $25

for more information please email uvmihinfo@med.uvm.edu 

Headspace - Free Memberships Available - Resource Guides & Toolkits

Headspace is a global leader in mindfulness and meditation through its app and online content offerings. Headspace offers hundreds of guided exercises for meditation, sleep, focus, and movement to help you start and end your days feeling like your best self. Headspace is free for current UVM employees.

Due to popular demand, UVM Employee Wellness has purchased additional Headspace memberships that are available to you now.

Register for Headspace

"I have heard good things about Headspace, and I was eager to give the app a try. During this challenging time and the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt like meditating or listening to the curated playlists on the app, even if it was just once or twice a week, would be helpful to me to be a better, employee, husband, father, and community member. So far, I have enjoyed using the app and discovering all of the different ways it can help me bring mindfulness practices into my life in a convenient, unobtrusive, and intuitive way." - UVM Employee, Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

"I have been using the "Focus" feature while working at my desk - I especially like "John Legend's Playlist". The sleepcasts and sleepscapes have also been very helpful when I have had trouble turning off the worries of the day." - UVM Employee, Faculty Senate 

"I had always wanted to try Headspace and with the UVM membership I thought it would be the perfect time. I use the app every day, especially to wind down at bedtime. My sleep is better, more restorative and my overall demeanor is calmer." - UVM Employee, Department of Nursing

Be sure to use your @uvm.edu email address to register; however, do not use your UVM password.  Please contact teamsupport@headspace.com with any difficulties in enrolling.

This app is provided by a third party and is made available to UVM employees as a benefit. Use is not required. As with all third-party applications, we suggest that you review their privacy policy before signing up to determine whether this is right for you.

Want some beginner tips?  Try these guides from Headspace

A Day With Headspace

10 day beginners guide and journal

Weekly practice guide - for 5 weeeks 

30 Days of Mindfulness

Resilience ebook

5 Factors of Resilience 

Worry Release Worksheet

Understanding the Four Stages of Sleep

Positive Self Talk Swap

Are you a manager looking to use Mindfulness as a tool to lead? Try these recourse from Headspace and if you have further questions or need any assistance in setting a wellness culture at work please reach out to employee.wellness@uvm.edu 

Mindful Leadership in 2022 - Actionable Guide 

Champion Guide - toolkit for building a team of mental health chamions to create a more mindful workplace culture

Workplace Appreciation Challenge

Resilience Chat Graphics - send to a co-worker or employees or post in the office 

Resilience Employee Worksheet - Connecting to your purpose exploritory questions

Team Activity Sleep Trivia - seperate sleep fact from sleep fiction 

Team Trivia Stress Break - 10 minute break to give a quick dopamine hit


Epic Wellness - Onsite Chiropractic Care - 2 locations on campus

NEW expanded times: Given B307 is now in the morning 9am -12pm, and UVM Osher Center for Integrative Health located at 184 S. Prospect st (the former Visitor Center red barn) is from 1pm-4pm.

Epic Wellness is a chiropractic clinic that offers both in office visits as well as corporate work site appointments.  UVM Employee wellness is excited to offer thier services to employees on campus.  They accept new clients for a 30 minute appointment, returning clients are 15 mintue appointments, and a new issue appointment for 30 minutes.  We have 2 locations on campus hosting these appointments, Given B307 9am-12pm & UVM Osher Center 1pm-4pm.  Appointments are available everyother Tuesday and booked through their reservations system.  They also process insurance payments and co-payments directly through thier systems.  UVM Employees covered under the UVM sponcered Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont Medical Insurance are covered for 12 chiropractic treatments per year for a $20 co-pay each appointment.  

Schedule now!

Flyer to Share

Dr. Erik Vose will be treating UVM Employee patients.  Dr. Vose treats patients for a range of conditions from sports injuries to chronic pain by focusing on the entire musculoskeletal system. He treats patients in the Middlebury and Burlington areas and has worked with Epic Wellness since early 2018.

Dr. Vose is also currently the Vice President of the Vermont Chiropractic Association and is dedicated to increasing access to chiropractic care for Vermonters as well as ensuring that the Chiropractic profession continues to gain relevance in the realm of healthcare by leading the health and wellness movement. When Erik isn’t on adventures with his wife and two young girls, he likes to spend his time on his mountain bike or snowboard and still aspires to be a drummer in a rock & roll band.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with scheduling an appointment, please feel free to email online@epicwellnessvt.com or call us at 802-503-0075.

On-Site Well Checks - October 11th

WellChecks are available on campus to UVM Employees 

Register Here

Why: Learn more here (pdf) & consider coordinating with Employee Wellness & the EDGE to offer these appointments in your department for your employees

What: WellChecks are a biometric screening of blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and an InBody scan of fat and muscle mass.  A required virutal follow up appointment with an EDGE Registered Dietitian will discuss the results of your WellCheck and advise you and answer questions.

When: Wedensday, October 11th, appointments available 8am-3:30pm

Where: UVM Osher Center for Integrative Health, 184 S. Prospect St. (former Visitor Center, small red barn building set back from street, also off the trail from Main street toward Red Stone Campus)

How: email genavix@edgevt.com to book at the EDGE year round

Cost: Free with BCBSVT insurance provided through UVM, when you complete the in-person scan as well as the Registered Dietition follow up. 

*If you wish to only recieve the results without the dietition follow up, and have another avenue for exploration with a primary physican please reach out to employeewellness@uvm.edu and Employee Wellness will consider paying for the in-person scan.  We support your health and wellness goals.  

Dietitian Visits

A Dietitian visit is a billable service that employees who hold Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont insurance through UVM receive 3 per year covered.  If you recieved a Wellcheck in 2022 already, you can have another one an the follow up visit.  Be aware that your insurance will cover 3 of these dietitian visits per calendar year, if you have met that you may be charged by the EDGE.  If you only want a dietitian visit without the WellCheck, that is available too!  Learn more here (pdf).

You can reach the EDGE for more information through email at genavix@edgevt.com or by calling 802-951-2320.

HealthyCare 90 Day Program - Fall 2023

This program includes 13 weeks of group sessions with your Certified Wellness Coach, 3 one-on-one sessions with a Registered Dietitian as well as weekly whole foods meal plans and hundreds of recipes! You will learn the fundamental aspects of fitness, nutrition, stress management and behavior modification. Please view this 5 minute YouTube video for more information.

2023 Fall Class Dates

  • Virtual: Wednesday, September 6 - November 29 @ 12-1pm via zoom (flyer)

  • In-person: Thursday, September 14 - December 14 @ 5:30-7:30 at The Edge Twin Oaks

This program is also available to UVM Employee Family members 16 year of age and older who are covered on the UVM employee's Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont medical insurance offered through The University of Vermont. 

Inquire and register by calling 802-951-2320 or emailing genavix@edgevt.com

Lunch and Experience Virtual Workshops - Mindful Mondays & More

UVM Employee Wellness partners with community organizations and UVM programs to offer lunch time and work time wellness webinars on topics to promote your overall health and well-being. These sessions are engaging and customized to the live audience providing relevant topics and examples of ways to live a vibrant and healthy life through your habits, sleep, nutrition, stress management, mental health, movement and more!

Workships often occur during or near the lunch period, the day of the week may vary, additonal times may also exisit where programming is available. Please register in advance.

In Partnership with EDGE Preventative Health 

EDGE Preventative Health is offering a Mindful Monday experience each week to thier members and the community.   Offered for Free beginning 8/7/23 for the length of the Fall 2023 semester. 

  • Mindful Mondays - 12-12:30 pm - Start your week feeling centered with a lunch time mindfulness practice, share the flyer (pdf).


Invest EAP Virtual Workshops

Monthly virtual Workshops are available to all UVM Empoyees and thier household members.  

Learn more and register here


Past Offerings

The Savvy Commuter's Guide to Saving Time, Money, & the Environment

Coping with the Climate Crisis

Breath In, Breath Out

Self-care Anytime, Anywhere

Your Powerful Mind and Self-talk

Finding Calm in Your Day

40th Annual Vermont Corporate Cup - Registration Open for May 11th race!

The 40th Annual Vermont Corporate Cup 2023

Where: Montpelier State Capital Building

When: Thursday, May 11, 2023

UVM Employee Wellness will sponsor 20 teams of 3 to participate in this fun tradition! 

Share the flyer (pdf) with your colleagues

Register Here (form)

Rules: Teams of 3 are required - teams can be in-person Walking or in-person Running, but not a mix.  Virtual teams, while encouraged, will not be paid for at this time.  If you do not have a team of 3, please fill out the registration form as best you can and the Employee Wellness coordinator will try to match team mates!  

Learn more about the race

Questions for UVM Employee Wellness: employeewellness@uvm.edu

Virtual Food & Mood Program

Join the EDGE Preventative Health for this 8-week Virtual program focusing on supporting your mental health and well-being through nutrition.  Lead by a Registered Dietitian, this program includes weekly group educational sessions along with 3 one-on-one tele-nutrition sessions.  

"I would recommend this class to anyone. It's so worth the investment.  It's our health we're talking about here, and this class covers mental health, too, which is not covered often in classes about diet and nutrition."

    Contact the EDGE for furtuer state dates 

Program Cost:  $25 for UVM Employees covered by BCBSVT medical insurance offered by UVM, and UVM Employee Wellness will pay the remaining $55 owed after insurance.  The full value of this program is $520.  Uninsured UVM Employees will pay the remainder of the program after the $55 paid by UVM Employee Wellness.

Register by calling 802-951-2320 or emailing genavix@edgevt.com

Next Steps Diabetes Program

Join EDGE Preventative Health for a comprehensive 8-week program focusing on the positive impact of nutrition and exercise to improve Type II Diabetes. Through the support of your peers, a Registered Dietitian, and a health coach, you will gain the knowledge, guidance, and confidence to improve your health. This program is In Person at the EDGE location at 142 West Twin Oaks Terr., South Burlington, VT. 

Upcoming Session:

Contact the EDGE for future start dates 

Program Cost:  $25 for UVM Employees covered by BCBSVT medical insurance offered by UVM, and UVM Employee Wellness will pay the remaining $55 owed after insurance.  The full value of this program is $520.  Uninsured UVM Employees will pay the remainder of the program after the $55 paid by UVM Employee Wellness. Note insurance coverage is provided to participants with Type II Diabetes diagnosis and may vary for anyone without that diagnosis.  

Next Step Diabetes Flyer with dates & details (pdf)

Register by calling 802-951-2320 or emailing genavix@edgevt.com

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