UVM currently has four General Education requirements:

  1. Diversity
  2. Foundational Writing and Information Literacy
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
  4. Sustainability

Beginning in Fall 2023, incoming students will complete a new 42-credit general education program, called the Catamount Core Curriculum. The General Education website has more information on current and upcoming general education program requirements.

As of Fall 2021, Anil Lalwani, the Postdoctoral Fellow for Assessment is leading assessment planning for the Catamount Core program. Through a consultative process including the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Student Success, the Executive Director of OIRA, and the Catamount Core Curriculum Committee, Lalwani will build a systematic plan outlining assessment of student learning outcomes across all curricular areas of the program. Assessment activities conducted prior to Fall 2021 are listed on this website.

Sharepoint Site

The Catamount Core Curriculum Committee (CCCC) Sharepoint site is accessible by the members of CCCC. It allows designated groups to share information such as course materials, committee rosters, schedules, and reference materials. If you are a new member of the CCCC and would like to request permission to access this site, contact John Sama (John.Sama@uvm.edu) stating your role in the CCCC and specifying the files you would like to request access.

Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

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A Note About Accessibility
The UVM Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is committed to ensuring that reported data are accessible. If the data presented are not accessible to you, please contact the UVM ADA/504 Coordinator. OIRA will work to get you all requested data in a timely fashion.

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