Information and supportive resources for parents and families working at UVM.

Leaves and Income Replacement

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Employees are entitled to up to 12-weeks of unpaid, job and benefit-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons, including birth of a child. See Leaves and Time Off for complete policy details. 

Parental Leave for Faculty

  • Instructors, Lecturers and Research Associates may receive six weeks relief of duties for pregnancy or post-birth/adoption of a child. 
  • Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors, Senior Lecturers, and faculty members with at least four years out of the most recent six year period of bargaining unit service who become a parent are entitled to either a one semester paid leave, or, for faculty on 12 month appointments, a fifteen week paid leave.
  • Full details at Agreement Between UVM And United Academics ( starting at the middle of page 115). 

Short-Term Disability (STD) Income Replacement for Non-Represented Staff and Teamsters

STD is an income replacement insurance plan, which may be used for non-work related accident, illness, or pregnancy if the employee is unable to cotinue job duties. The benefit replaces wages up to 70% of the employee's current salary. Find more details at Voluntary Short-Term Disability


Child Care Resources  

Flexible Benefits Plan  

The UVM Flexible Benefits Plan allows employees use pre-taxed salary dollars to pay for dependant expenses including child care. For more information visit the Flexible Spending Accounts reference page.

Vermont Child Care Lynx - 

The Vermont Child Care Lynx webpage, operated by Let's Grow Kids, is a Vermont State resource developed to help families match with childcare options. 

Child Care Resource

Child Care Resource is a referal agency that helps familes find child care options and provides support connecting to resources to help paying for it.


Return to Work

Lactation Spaces and Support

UVM is proud to support breastfeeding and pumping in the workplace. The Lactation Resources on Campus page contains information including: (1) designated breastfeeding/pumping spaces on campus; (2) how to connect with parenting support group, the Lactation Liasons; (3) how to get a free breast pump and safety equipment when you participate in UVM's health insurance program. For more information visit the Lactation Resources webpage

Employee Assistance Program  

Immediate access to free, confidential counseling for a wide range of life issues for employees and their household members. Some employees may benefit from supportive counseling as they make transitions associated with welcoming a new child.  Visit the Invest EAP Homepage for more information. 


Additional Resources

Tuition Remission

Dependents of UVM employees may qualify for 100% tuition remission if they meet the eligibility criteria. See Tuition Remission for full details. 

UVM Extension Family and Wellness

Additional resources through the UVM Extension, which works with local and state agencies to promote and support family wellness, and to strengthen family relationships and parenting skills through education and training. Information at UVM Extension Family and Wellness

Cat Corps - Virtual Mentorship for K-12 students

Cat Corps is an equity-centered and virtual learning mentorship opportunity for K-12 students in UVM-affiliated families. Your child will be intentionally matched with an undergraduate mentor for weekly, hour-long virtual sessions focused on fun and relationship-building. This is different than your average tutoring program. While mentors will be able to help with assignments or projects, mentors and students will focus on discovering who they are as learners and how to be successful at it rather than actual class content! Please email email us at for more information