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Why work at UVM?

The University of Vermont's vision to be among the nation's premier small research universities, preeminent in our comprehensive commitment to liberal education, environment, health, and public service, fuels us to find qualified applicants. UVM continues to advance work-life balance too with an award winning Employee Wellness program, comprehensive employee benefits, and access to four-season recreation all within easy driving distance to Boston, NYC, and Montreal.  


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Job listings are updated daily and our online job application system makes it easy to apply.  Once you have found an opportunity you want to apply for, simply upload your cover letter, resume and references.  If  applying for more than one job, you must apply for each job individually.

Application Tips

  • Be persistent and consistent when applying.
  • Keep in mind this process takes time.
  • Provide professional, not personal references.

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General Benefits Overview

Davis Center

UVM's Competitive Benefits

The University of Vermont provides generous benefits that are meant to provide work-life balance and support to our employee community and their families. UVM recognizes that our people are our most valuable resource. Visit our Benefits page for a comprehensive understanding of Benefits at UVM.

Benefits at UVM

Safety Reports

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The Public and Fire Safety Reports provide information on campus safety and fire safety policies, practices and programs, as well as information on crime and fire statistics. Copies of each report are available upon request.

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UVM Benefits

UVM benefits eligible employees have access to comprehensive benefits including health, dental, flexible spending, paid time off, retirement savings, and much more. Visit UVM Benefits to find out more. 


Required Department of Labor Notifications

The Department of Labor requires that an employer provide notice regarding its intention to hire employees in a certain non-immigrant status and/or to file applications for permanent alien labor certification for certain positions.