At the Center for Health and Wellbeing, core services like office visits are provided at no cost as long as you have paid the UVM Health Fee. An insurance plan, like UVM SHIP, is required of all full-time UVM students to help cover additional health care costs.

Yearly Requirement: By UVM policy, every year students must complete the insurance decision/waiver form to declare their enrollment in SHIP or their decision to waive it for an equivalent insurance plan.

Which Students are Required to Have Health Insurance?

  • Undergraduate/Continuing Education students registered for 9 or more credits.
  • Graduate students registered for 9 or more credits.
  • Graduate students enrolled in "Grad 903" credits.
  • All International Students with F-1 or J-1 visas.
  • All Medical Students.

Is There a Deadline for Completing the Insurance Decision/Waiver Form?

YES. In order to avoid unwanted charges on your student account, all of the above students should enroll in or waive UVM Student Health Insurance by JULY 1st for the Fall Semester, and December 1st for new/returning students in the SPRING.

Students who fail to complete the Insurance Decision/Waiver form by this date will be charged for the UVM Plan, and will have a HOLD placed on their UVM student account. This hold is removed when you complete the insurance decision/waiver process, and the charge will be backed off if you can show that you have comparable insurance coverage.

The last possible date to change a decision or to enroll in the UVM Student Health Insurance is September 15 for the FALL and February 15 for the SPRING.

  • If you are deciding on SHIP, you will only need your Student ID Number to complete the form.
  • If you are waiving SHIP, you will need your current health insurance card or equivalent, with subscriber/member ID number, primary subscriber's name and subscriber's relationship to you.

Questions? Contact

Should I choose UVM SHIP or a Different Health Insurance Plan?

While we can help you make an informed choice, only you can make this decision. We encourage you to do as much research as possible about UVM SHIP and other health plans before making your decision.

Do You Have any Tips for Evaluating Other Plans?

Some insurance plans are restrictive in terms of which healthcare providers you can see or where you may seek care. Plans like these can leave you under-insured (or effectively uninsured) while away at school. This could result in substantial out-of-pocket medical costs for you or your family. Evaluate other plans carefully. We recommend verifying that the plan provides adequate coverage in the Burlington, Vermont area for:

  • Lab tests and X-rays
  • Prescription medications
  • Hospitalization (including room and board, physicians' fees and surgical expenses)
  • Outpatient hospital services
  • Mental health care
  • Emergency room care
  • Intercollegiate sports injuries (if you are on a team)

You should also make sure that the plan:

  • Provides coverage to students over the age of 19
  • Covers you through July 31st of the current academic year
  • Does not have a high deductible that must be met before you are allowed to access coverage

Can You Tell Me More About UVM's SHIP?

We strongly suggest that you read the Student Insurance Plan Brochure and Summary of Benefits documents found on the "Benefit Information" menu at the University Health Plans website. Prior years' benefit information is also available for comparison.

Overview of UVM SHIP

  • Insurance coverage period: August 1 - July 31 each year.
  • Students enrolled in the UVM SHIP must pay the UVM Health Fee. The Health Fee covers most health and counseling services at UVM's Center for Health & Wellbeing (CHWB), regardless of a student’s health insurance coverage.
  • The UVM SHIP covers all routine and preventative health care ONLY when they are obtained at the CHWB offices. Preventative services available at CHWB will not be covered at any off-campus facility.
  • Students should obtain a referral from CHWB before obtaining care elsewhere. There is a $100 deductible for services obtained outside of CHWB without a referral.
  • Prescription Drug Coverage: After a co-payment, prescriptions are covered at 100% (in network).
  • Psychiatric Services at CHWB: students with UVM SHIP are covered at 100% of the initial visit and 80% of each follow up visit.
  • Students who have purchased the UVM SHIP and who later withdraw or fall below 6 credits (undergraduates) or 5 credits (graduate students) may keep the insurance policy for the remainder of the semester from which they withdraw, but they are not eligible for CHWB services (even though they have also paid the Health Fee).
  • To enroll in SHIP, complete the simple Insurance Decision/Waiver Form before the deadline (see above). Enrollment after the deadline is generally not an option. But under certain very limited circumstances University Health Plans will consider making exceptions. Contact them directly for information.

Can I Get SHIP Insurance Even if I am Not Required to Have Insurance?

As long as you have paid the UVM Health Fee and you are one in one of the categories below, you are eligible to purchase SHIP:

  • Any undergraduate, continuing education or medical student taking 6 or more credits.
  • Any graduate student taking 5 or more credits.
  • Any student enrolled for Continuous Registration (Grad 902 or Grad 903).

What Does the Student Health Insurance Plan Cost?

To purchase the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan (UVM SHIP), students must pay the UVM Health Fee and meet other eligibility criteria. UVM SHIP is billed to your UVM Student Account at the same time as your tuition. Full-year insurance is billed in two installments.

Current UVM SHIP Premiums
Semester Coverage Dates 2018-19 Cost 2019-20 Cost
Full Year August 1—July 31 $2,694 $2,694
Fall Only* August 1—December 31 $1,122 $1,122
Spring/Summer Only** January 1—July 31 $1,572 $1,572

* Fall-only coverage is available ONLY to students graduating in December.

** Spring/Summer-only coverage is available ONLY to students who were not eligible for UVM SHIP coverage in the Fall (for example, because they did not take enough credits).

Again, students must also pay the UVM Health Fee to be eligible for UVM SHIP. The Health Fee covers routine/preventative CHWB health care and counseling services.

Important Note: Students who have purchased the UVM SHIP who later withdraw from school or fall below 6 credits (5 credits for graduate students) may keep the insurance policy for the remainder of that semester, but they become ineligible for CHWB services (even though they have also paid the Health Fee). These students will have to seek care elsewhere.

Can I Get SHIP Coverage for my Spouse or Dependent?

Students who are enrolled in the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan can enroll their spouse/civil union/domestic partner or minor dependent by contacting University Health Plans directly.

Still Have Questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact, 802-656-0602, or make an appointment at Mywellbeing

Billing questions should be directed to

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is serviced by University Health Plans and underwritten by the Commercial Casualty Insurance Company. Claims are paid by Wellfleet Insurance. The Prescription Drug Program is through Cigna Rx. Emergency travel assistance is provided through Travel Guard.