The Office of Compliance Services is responsible for the coordination of editing, reviewing, issuing, and archiving of the University’s administrative policies, which can be found at University Institutional Policies.  The Vice President for Operations and Public Safety is responsible for the University Policy program overall, and assists officials responsible for a policy in obtaining campus input on proposed policies or policies revisions, if and as required by the Policy on the Adoption University Policies, Operating Procedures and Guidelines. Responsibility for Policy content resides with the designated Responsible Official, typically a University Vice President with responsibility for the oversight of specific programs, activities, conduct or endeavors to which they relate.

The Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel serves as the Responsible Official for the following University Policies and Operating Procedures:

Policy #Title
8.1.2Contract Approval and Signatory Authority (PDF)
UOP4Cost Assessments under the Vermont Public Records Act (PDF)
UOP13Minors; Reporting Abuse or Neglect of and Crimes (PDF)
UOP12Record Preservation Directives ("Litigation Holds") (PDF)
8.2.4Records and Documents Request (PDF)
UOP15Supoenas, Complaints, Warrants, and other Legal Documents (PDF)
8.3.2University Name, Symbols, Letterhead, and other Proprietary Indicia of Affiliation (PDF)
8.4.1University Seal (PDF)


Legal Review of University Policies and Procedures

Responsible Officials are required to oversee the initial development, as well as the periodic review and revision, of University Policies and Operating Procedures relating to their business units and areas of responsibility.  Advice regarding general legal obligations, as well as review of draft policy and procedure language, may be requested from the Office of the General Counsel at any time.

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All materials provided on this website, including the contents of linked pages, are provided for general informational purposes only. While we seek to provide links to current and authoritative information, neither UVM nor this office guarantees the accuracy of information accessible online; therefore, this information must not be relied upon as substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney. Please contact a UVM Office of the General Counsel attorney to obtain current legal advice specifically responsive to your questions.