Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Reckonings is an opportunity for the Museum’s staff and student interns to reflect on the past months of 2020 by engaging with objects from the collection. Staff members have written and signed their own labels about the artworks they’ve selected, with responses that are by turns thoughtful, vulnerable, creative, angry, sad, and hopeful—echoing the range of reactions we have all felt in these past months. Sometimes these objects take on new meanings as staff members draw inspired connections to other historic moments of disrupture. In other instances, the artworks are beacons for the kind of attention to care and racial justice that this moment demands of us. Through this process, the staff participated in the work we do with students and faculty when we bring them in conversation with the Fleming’s collection: how we use art to communicate to others what feels urgent to us.


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A part of the "2020 Vision" statewide exhibition:

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Fleming Museum of Art is pleased to present the Reckonings Exhibition as part of 2020 Vision: Reflecting on a World-Changing Year, a statewide exhibition initiative of the Vermont Curators Group, in-person and online.


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