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A cultural treasure prized by Vermonters and visitors for more than 80 years, the Fleming Museum is located on the campus of the University of Vermont, which, chartered in 1791, is one of the nation's oldest universities.

When the Museum opened in 1931, it was hailed as "a practical place of learning — a vibrant, ongoing educational institution for both children and adults." Today, the Museum houses Vermont's most comprehensive collection of art and anthropological artifacts. It presents innovative exhibitions of contemporary and historic art from around the world, complemented by year-round programming for all ages.

Detail of Mohamad Hafez's "Hiraeth"

Small Worlds: Miniatures in Contemporary Art

Small Worlds explores the ways contemporary artists use miniatures to inspire awe, whimsy, and even dread. These artists either create or employ found miniature figures, rooms, and landscapes, displaying them through photographs or sculptures. The resulting scenes, reminiscent of our childhood play-things, can recall in us that sense of wonder for the world around us, but also call our attention to the dark forces hidden beneath the seduction of the small.

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A miniature bible

Global Miniatures


Miniatures—small versions of real-world objects—can be found the world over and throughout time. What is the appeal, seemingly universal, of seeing something familiar made small? What functions do miniatures serve? This exhibition will explore these questions using a wide range of objects from the Fleming Museum’s global collection.

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Photo of a model train layout

TALK: The Appeal of Model Railroading

Tuesday, March 26, 12:00 PM

with Tim Wilmot, Member, Northwestern Vermont Model Railroad Association

For many model railroaders, the goal of the hobby is to recreate something—a town, a landscape, a railroad—that may no longer be in existence, but comes to life in a miniature world. These worlds are often not static, but interactive, and the hobby can be a social one, where a community of modelers work together to construct and perfect a large sequence of scenes, in which model trains duplicate the life of a working railroad. For many people around the globe, this is an art form in which ideas and techniques are shared in order to create something that is both authentic and beautiful. Samples of railroad models by Chris Monje, member of the Northwestern Vermont Model Railroad Association, will be on view before and after the talk.

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