With year-end rapidly approaching, here are some Purchasing key dates and deadlines to keep in mind. (If you are a customer of the ABSC, please verify dates and deadlines with their office.)
  • Submit any FY19 requisitions (with appropriate back-up documentation for the purchase) as early as possible, especially ones that require contract/agreement/terms & condition review as these need additional lead time.
  • PeopleSoft requisition access will be turned off at 4:30pm on Friday, June 21 and will reopen on Monday, July 1, around 8:00am. New FY20 requisition purchases can only be entered on or after July 1. 
  • Please check your open requisition list any time now and prior to June 22 to be sure your requisitions are complete (with all proper documents attached) and have been successfully budget checked & submitted for FY19 purchases or are valid prepaids using the prepaid category. Any requisitions remaining in incomplete status after June 21 will be deleted.
  • After nightly processes have posted on Thursday, July 11, ALL remaining purchase orders for FY19 will be closed, (including prepaid POs for which invoices have not been received) unless there is a valid reason for rolling into next year.

Some valid examples would be:

  • Subcontracts on valid open projects
  • Purchases made and received in FY19 for which the invoice has not been received by July 11
  • POs on grants/projects that did not end on the fiscal year, June 30
  • Ongoing capital projects
  • Send a list of all POs your department would like rolled into FY20 (using this spreadsheet) including a justified reason, by Tuesday, July 2 to purchasing@uvm.edu. We will review your spreadsheet and roll the valid requests into FY20.
  • PO roll dates are scheduled for Tuesday, July 16 - Wednesday, July 17.

Please feel free to email purchasing@uvm.edu if you have any questions.

Thank you for your assistance during the year-end process.


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