FEMC: Tracking Shifts in Disturbance Regimes

Track changes, explore trends and look for shifts in disturbance regimes across northeastern forests.


Disturbance causes a change in forest structure or condition, and patterns of non-human-caused disturbance in northeastern forests are primarily driven by small scale wind events, pests and pathogens.  But as the climate continues to change there is concern that the severity,  frequency, and extent of disturbance may be changing, with cascading impacts on surface waters, soils, wildlife and human communities. This project analyzes historical trends in key disturbance types throughout northeastern forests and provides additional resources to better summarize the current state of knowledge and monitor how disturbance regimes might be shifting. Specifically, this project focuses on disturbance by native and non-native insects and diseases, flooding and high wind events, drought, and fire.  

Areas Monitored

Causes of Disturbance

Extreme Weather
Pest or Pathogen

Responses to Disturbance

Stream Macroinvertebrates
Coldwater Fisheries
Invasive Plants
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