FEMC: Tracking Shifts in Disturbance Regimes

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What is a disturbance response?

Responses to disturbance are key systems that are directly impacted by punctuated disturbance events. These systems show clear responses to disturbance that can be quantified through survey metrics. Studying response dynamics can help to understand the interactions and impacts of changing disturbance regimes.

Coldwater Fisheries

Coldwater fish species in the Northeast depend on specific habitat requirements to reproduce and survive. In particular, cold water fisheries are impacted by warmer of ambient water temperatures. As climatic conditions shift regionally, cold water fisheries are expected to reflect the indirect impacts of this change . Regularly monitoring of this community may provide insight into the effects of irregular or increased disturbance regimes.

New England Monitoring Efforts

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This map shows the number of data programs related to disturbance regimes and impacts to forest health. This map will continue to be updated as the project develops

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An Index of Cumulative Disturbance to River Fish Habitats of the Conterminous United States from Landscape Anthropogenic Activities

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