Senate Conference Room

Committees and Faculty Senate Representatives

Standing committees and subcommittees are established to focus on the major continuing areas of faculty concern.  A standing committee may divide its duties among subcommittees that are directly responsible to the parent standing committee.  Standing committees and subcommittees are authorized to act for and in the name of the Senate as specified in the Bylaws.  The Faculty Senate also appoints representatives to University Boards, Committees, and Work Groups.

Executive Council

The activities of the Faculty Senate are overseen by an Executive Council.  Members of the Executive Council include the Senate President, Vice President, the chairs of the six standing committees, and four members-at-large elected from among the Elected Senators.  Executive Council

Standing Subcommittee for General Education

The General Education Coordinating Committee (GECC) is a Standing Subcommittee of the Curricular Affairs Committee.  Its purpose is to coordinate the activities, policies, and processes of the individual General Education Committees - currently Diversity, Foundational Writing and Information Literacy, Quantitative Reasoning, and Sustainability - bringing to the delivery of the General Education curriculum increased clarity, consistency, and efficiency.  The individual General Education Curriculum Committees report directly to the GECC.  General Education Program


Faculty Senate Representatives on Board of Trustees Committees

The Faculty Senate appoints representatives to committees of the UVM Board of Trustees.

Budget, Finance and Investment Committee

Educational Policy and Institutional Resources Committee

Executive Committee

Joint Committees

The Faculty Senate and the administration may create committees for the purpose of studying issues for which joint responsibility is appropriate.  Faculty members of a joint committee will be appointed both by the appropriate administrative officer and by the Senate President.  The appointing administrative officer and the Senate President share joint responsibility for joint committees.

Educational Stewardship Committee