We're here to help! The Master Gardener Volunteer Helpline serves Vermont residents by providing science based information about home horticulture issues and integrated pest management (IPM). Unfortunately, Master Gardener Volunteers cannot provide personal site visits to home gardens. Volunteers are also limited on the pesticides they are allowed to recommend as they are not licensed pesticide applicators. Note: Commercial Growers, please scroll down the page to the Commercial Growers dropdown menu. Do not submit your question using the form below. 


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If you are unable to use the online form. Please leave a message and be sure to include:

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We will email you a reply in 7-14 business days. Unfortunately we can not call back clients at this time due to COVID-19 restrictions.


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Tips for Submitting Photos *The maximum file size is 8MB per image, and up to three images can be uploaded.

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How to Submit Specimens

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Plant Diagnostic Lab is not accepting any home garden insect or plant specimens for the 2021 season. If you would like to have something i.d., please use the Submit Online form located above and include good/clear images of the entire plant/insect, and a close up of the specific damage occuring (see tips for submitting photos above).

Thank you for your understanding.

Commercial Growers

Please visit the UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic for assistance.

Not in Vermont?

Due to the large volume of requests, differences in climatic conditions, and variation in state pesticide regulations, we can only assist with issues that occur in Vermont and Northern New Hampshire. Find a National Master Gardener Program near you.

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