Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 180 Radical Environmentalism

As environmental problems continue to escalate, several radical currents have come to influence ecological thought and activism, representing a critical alternative to traditional environmentalism. This course will describe the historical emergence of radical environmentalisms, examine various ecologically-based philosophies, and explore case studies of environmental resistance movements in the US and around the world. Readings, class discussions, and guest presenters will offer a wide range of perspectives, offering students opportunities to examine today's pressing environmental issues through the lens of emerging movements and philosophical traditions. The class follows a discussion/seminar format, with students, as well as the instructor, presenting on core topics, and students evaluated on their participation in class and online discussions, as well as through response papers to the readings. Additionally, students take turns presenting current news on environmental issues and movements, followed by a research paper, and also develop and critically evaluate their own hands-on group projects that apply relevant concepts to local and regional environmental issues.






ENVS 001 or 002 or NR 002

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