What is the Environmental Program? 

The Environmental Program, currently the home of three undergraduate degrees in Environmental Studies, is a big umbrella. It is a community of ideas, scholars, teachers, student-teachers and engagement that spans across the UVM campus, across the state of Vermont, and in some ways across the globe.

The fabric of this big umbrella is our undergraduate student body in Environmental Studies. They are at the center of all that we are, but we'd like that umbrella to include anyone at our University with an interest and engagement in environmental sustainability and justice issues.

Summer Research and Project Funding - Pitch your ideas!

We are offering three different types of funding opportunities for students this summer. Our Ian Worley Awards will honor students and faculty looking at innovative ways to approach and solve environmental problems. Our Summer Research Awards will allow students to work closely with UVM experts on their research and scholarship. And this year we are announcing a new award in partnership with UVM's Mosaic Center,  the Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) award - this will be awarded to students addressing JEDI dimensions in environmental studies, science and scholarship.

We are funding several projects in each category, so get your ideas on paper and apply.

Check out these opportunities here:




In the news

"We're not isolated here," he said. Ivakhiv agrees that no individual city, state or country can solve the climate crisis on its own. But he says it's worth it for Vermont to enact its own policies because it sets an example. "You can argue that if we can, we should be taking the lead," he said.

Change the World

Professor Trish O’Kane teaches “Birding to Change the World”, where UVM students head to Burlington's Derway Island where they walk through a floodplain forest with students from nearby JJ Flynn Elementary. It's on Derway Island that the students learn from birds, their environment, and each other.