Photography Spotlight: Haley Stevens

From the Artist:

This photo was taken at Perkins Pier. To me, this place is somewhere I can escape to when school gets difficult. It kind of reminds me of the bigger picture. This photo in particular also means a lot to me because it was taken the first time my best friend came to visit me at school.

Haley Stevens
UVM ’24 (Sophmore)
Grossman School of Business, Marketing, ENVS Minor



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The Environmental Program is a community of ideas, scholars, teachers, student-teachers and engagement that spans across the UVM campus, across the state of Vermont, and in some ways across the globe. The fabric of this big umbrella is UVM’s undergraduate student body studying the environment. The Environmental Program community includes anyone at UVM with an interest and engagement in environmental sustainability and justice.


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"We're not isolated here," he said. Ivakhiv agrees that no individual city, state or country can solve the climate crisis on its own. But he says it's worth it for Vermont to enact its own policies because it sets an example. "You can argue that if we can, we should be taking the lead," he said.

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