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The intention of the Ian Worley Awards is to recognize students whose inspired, novel and creative ideas have led them to seek innovative paths in pursuing environmental pursuits. Establishing these awards was inspired by the empowering teaching of Ian A. Worley, former Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Director of the University’s Environmental Program. Dr. Worley’s integrative and creative approach to problem solving and scientific inquiry was inspiring and impactful to the Gary Simpson, who initiated this award in the spirit of fostering and celebrating creative, integrative, imaginative and innovative projects in dealing with the environmental challenges that we face.

The Award

The goal of the award is to support undergraduates pursuing a project, research, or other endeavors, which by their nature are not typically available in the classroom setting. Pursuits can be in the domain of research, art, education, journalism, activism, or community partnership. Projects should engage with new and even untested paths of mind and thought that address critical environmental challenges or enhance the environmental and/or human well-being. Guiding principles for projects include:
– Creative, integrative, imaginative, and innovative approaches
– A broadly interdisciplinary approach
– The potential to be a catalyst for change

Who can apply?

All University of Vermont undergraduates are eligible to apply. Students with senior standing must complete their projects prior to graduation.

How much can I ask for?

Anywhere between $500 and $4000. Multiple awards will be given.


April 9th - mail application package as a single PDF to Suniva.Thangaraj@uvm.edu

Ian Worley, former Director of the Environmental Program. 



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