Wondering if you are eligible to take PD&T classes, how you can register online, cancel if you need to, etc.? See some of the common questions we get below.  

Classes & Services

Class Eligibility

Who is eligible for classes?

Staff and faculty with a PeopleSoft ID can register for Professional Development & Training classes. Those who do not have a PeopleSoft ID are not eligible. Due to resource restrictions, UVM students (including student employees) and retirees are not eligible.

Can I bring my child, friend, spouse, partner, neighbor, student or co-worker?

Family and friends are not eligible for attendance unless they are UVM employees and have a PeopleSoft ID.  

Can temporary employees participate in classes/programs?

If a temporary employee has a PeopleSoft ID, they are welcome to register for classes.  If your temporary employee does not have a PeopleSoft ID, they will not be able to attend classes.

Registration, Cancellation and Scheduling

When will a particular class be offered again?

Most classes are scheduled for the fiscal year ahead based on need and available resources, and some additional classes added throughout the year. View the current list of scheduled classes. Send us an e-mail with your questions about upcoming classes.

How do I cancel or change a registration?

Contact Professional Development and Training at least 24 hours in advance to inform us of your absence.

What is your cancellation policy?

Review our cancellation policy and other helpful class information.

I do not use PeopleSoft. Will you register for me?

Due to the amount of administrative work there would be if we agreed to register participants for classes, we cannot take the time to do so.

Registration Instructions

Can you tell me if I am signed up for a particular class?

You can refer to the Review Training Summary section of our mini-manual for instructions on how to see the list of classes you have completed, as well as those in which you are enrolled or waitlisted.

Can I substitute a friend or coworker if I cannot make the class?

Our classes are first come, first served and we want to assure those who are on the waiting list that they will get a spot if one becomes available. If the class does not have a waiting list, your coworker may register for the class in PeopleSoft and we will process your cancellation. If the class has a waiting list your coworker may register, but the seat will go to the first person on the waiting list.

Can I take a class on vacation time or medical leave, or if I am out sick?

Professional Development and Training classes are offered to employees on their work time. If you have been excused from your regular UVM job for vacation or illness or any other kind of paid or unpaid leave, then you may not attend classes.

After you return from approved leave, contact Professional Development and Training and we will be happy to help you make plans to get the training that you need.

Answers for Supervisors

Can I register for my new employee who has not yet started work?

If your new employee has a PeopleSoft ID Number (EmplID), you are welcome to register them for classes via Manager Self Service. If they does not yet have an EmplID, please wait until the new employee has been entered into the system. Due to the large amount of administrative work involved in the process, we cannot manually keep track of this request for you.

Can I register myself for a class and then switch out my reservation for my new employee, once they have a PeopleSoft ID?

We respectfully ask that you NOT do this. Our classes are first-come, first-served and we want to assure participants who are on the waiting list that they will get the next spot that becomes available. If the class does not have a waiting list, your employee may register for the class in PeopleSoft once he has a PeopleSoft ID. If the class has a waiting list, your new employee may register, but the seat will go to the first person on the waiting list.


Can I come even though I am waitlisted?

We establish a certain number of participants for each class based on the resources available. Unless you are enrolled in the class, you cannot come to that session.

I am waitlisted for tomorrow's class. If I have not been notified, does that mean I should try to find another session? Is there a point in time when we are told whether we are in or not via e-mail?

We do not generally send information or notification to waitlisted folks if they have not gotten into the class. It just causes more confusion. We do contact people up until 15 minutes before the class if there is a cancellation. If you have not been notified, you should try to get into a different session.

In-Person classes:  Can I show up even though I am waitlisted and wait to see if someone does not show up so I can have his or her seat?

Please do not. We would like to be able to offer this, but given that there are a limited number of resources and sometimes people come late, this is too disruptive.

In-person classes:  There is a huge waitlist, why are you not opening a new class or moving to a bigger room?

We establish a certain number of classes each fiscal year based on the amount of resources available. In some cases, we will add additional sessions if we are able, but this is not always possible due to resource constraints. In general, the class size is based on the best size for the teaching methodology used.

If I am on the waitlist, should I also sign up in another section of the class?

No. The registration system will remove you from a waitlist if you were able to successfully enroll in a different session of the same course. There is not an easy way to remedy this at this time. Due to the large amount of work that would be generated, we cannot keep track of a waitlist manually.

If I am on a waitlist and not able to get into another section of the class, will I be notified when/if a new session is available?  

Yes. We have established a preregistration process for waitlisted folks.

Additional Questions



Can I come to class late? Can I leave early?

Coming to class late or leaving early can be disruptive, not only to other participants but to the instructor as well. We ask that if you cannot arrive on time and stay for the entire session that you cancel your registration and look to reschedule when the time works better for you.

I cannot make a class. Can you send me the PowerPoint or materials?

No. In general, due to the highly interactive nature of our classes, these materials will not be provided. You are encouraged to take the class when it is more convenient for your schedule.

Can I view a summary of the training I have taken?

Yes. Sign into PeopleSoft Human Resources and navigate to: Self-Service > Learning and Development > Training Summary.


Feedback and Comments

I was delighted/disappointed in a class I took and want to tell someone about it.

We are always open to hearing about your class experience—what was good or bad and how it could have been improved. You may contact our office or you may leave your feedback anonymously on the class evaluation form.