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Defusing Anger and Hostility

Facilitator: Invest EAP
Audience:  All interested employees
Time:  1 Hour
PeopleSoft Code: COM077

Level of Instruction: Introductory
Prerequisites: None

Description:  Staff and supervisors are increasingly faced with complex situations in which clients or other members of the public exhibit escalated behavior. This session will focus on why escalation to hostility and aggression occurs and what helps to defuse it in order to move on to problem-solving. You will gain an understanding of the dynamics of anger and hostility as well as effective verbal/non-verbal skills for de-escalating anger, hostility and resistance. This workshop does not replace crisis response training, and it may be a review for employee groups with prior training or experience in de-escalation. 

Participants will: 

  • Reflect on personal triggers that come up when faced with aggression
  • Increase awareness of what triggers others, especially those who depend on your services  
  • Identify key communication skills that help de-escalate others



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