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Enrollment management is an organizational concept and a systematic set of activities designed to enable educational institutions to exert more influence over their student enrollments. Organized by strategic planning and supported by institutional research, enrollment management activities concern students' college choice and transition to college as well as student attrition, retention, and success.

Enrollment management is not an event, a single function, or a specific office. It is a significant component of the University's strategic goals, and cannot be performed by just one person or a few offices. It requires broad institutional recognition, support, communication, and collaboration, and must be managed as a continuum that takes us from first contact with a prospective student all the way through to graduation.

Report on the Class of 2023

The Report on the Class of 2023 provides a profile of our incoming first-time first-year (FTFY) students joining the University of Vermont community in the fall of 2019.

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Facts About UVM

The Division of Enrollment Management has compiled up-to-date lists of data onĀ topics such as; enrollment, diversity, program offerings, experience-based learning, campus life, student outcomes, scholarships and financial aid. We offer these as a talking point resource in order to have consistency across campus when writing and speaking about UVM. This list will be updated in the fall of each year and made available for wide distribution.

Current Initiatives

Current Initiative Updates

  • Navigate - Advising and Retention Software and Interactive Student App.
  • Generation Study Abroad
  • Simplifying Financial Aid Through CampusLogic
  • Expanding our Position in the Marketplace
  • Community College Partnerships and Transfer Enrollment

Find details about these on our Announcements and Updates page.