The University of Vermont is a public institution. As such, we have a responsibility to Vermonters and to the State of Vermont. UVM is committed to ensuring an open and productive environment focusing on fulfilling our mission and being a good steward of our resources. UVM’s Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment and Nepotism Policies and UVM’s disclosure requirements reflect the ever-increasing complexity of our society, our various relations with each other and with outside institutions, and the heightened national and governmental sensitivity to such matters.

All covered persons (faculty, including visiting scientists and visiting scholars, exempt staff, and others identified by the President) must complete an annual conflict of interest disclosure form. Non-covered persons are required to disclose conflicts to their supervisor as they occur. Disclosures must also be updated during the year whenever interests change.

The information contained on this page is designed to provide you with additional information regarding UVM’s policies and processes related to conflicts. Accessible PDF versions of forms and policies are available upon request. Email or call 802-656-3086 to make a request.