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Speech and language consultations are offered for public and private schools, family and infant toddler programs (FITP), programs in early essential education (EEE) and individuals.


Services are provided to individuals with delayed or disordered articulation and phonological impairments, motor speech disorders (apraxia and dysarthria), and tongue thrust. Services are also provided for foreign accent modification to individuals for whom English is a second language and who still encounter difficulty being understood due to inaccurate pronunciation, including intonation.


Child Language

Evaluation, consultation and programming are available to aid development of language understanding, language use, speech production, and pre-academic skills.

School Age Language

Evaluation, consultation and programming are available to aid in language based academic skills for individuals with language learning disabilities in elementary school, secondary school and post secondary education.

Adult Language and Cognition

Our individualized treatment programs for adults address communication needs related to work, home or social settings. Treatment goals and activities can address recovery following a stroke, head injury or other neurological/neurodegenerative conditions, such as Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis; or secondary neurocognitive effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Weekly Post-Stroke Communication Group

Weekly post-stroke communication meetings provide opportunities for ongoing communication recovery in a small group environment at the center and in the community. Other communication difficulties associated with reduced hearing sensitivity, memory difficulties or reduced clarity of speech may warrant consultation when they are of concern to an individual or their family. Contact Sarah Curran at for more information.

Weekly Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering (ARTS)

Weekly group therapy meetings help adults who stutter learn how to reduce fear and struggle associated with stuttering to have comfortable forward-moving speech. Contact Danra Kazenski at for more information.


Individual sessions provide assessment and treatment of stuttering of children and adults. The Lidcombe Program is offered through this center for families with children under the age of six years. A free weekly evening support group provides opportunities for adults and adolescents to use techniques learned in therapy and maximizes carryover of smooth speech to everyday situations.


Our Voice Therapy program for adults and children emphasizes achievement of the best voice possible, healthy vocal hygiene, and prevention of voice disorders. This program is geared for individuals who have difficulty in production of adequate loudness, pitch, quality, projection, or who experience vocal fatigue. Therapy may be recommended for conditions such as vocal nodules/polyps, muscle tension dysphonia, vocal cord dysfunction (VCD), paralyzed vocal folds, and in collaboration with medical management. LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) and SPEAK OUT/LOUD Crowd is also offered. We provide service for people who are seeking gender affirming voice therapy and interested in working on new aspects of voice, intonation and resonance.

Executive Function and Cognition

Evaluation and therapy is offered which addresses higher level language and executive function, such as attention, processing speed, and working memory. Treatment goals and activities can incorporate skills needed for independent functioning at work, in the community and at home. Individuals who have experienced brain injury can benefit from continued attention to cognitive rehabilitation as they return to community, school, and work settings.

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