UVM's Eleanor M. Luse Center for Communication provides a full range of hearing loss evaluation and treatment options.

Hearing Evaluations

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Hearing evaluations for children and adults assess hearing sensitivity, speech understanding in quiet and noise, and the ways reduced hearing affects communication. Our audiologists counsel individuals and families throughly on evaluation results and recommendations to ensure the best treatment outcome.

Hearing Aid Consultation and Selection

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Consultation to determine candidacy for hearing aids is available for children and adults. Recommendations for hearing devices are based on each individual's hearing loss, listening needs and lifestyle. As a non-profit center our focus is on hearing improvement, not sales.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing aid fitting

Hearing aids purchased through our center include a 45-day trial period with follow-up appointments to validate fitting. Real-ear speech mapping confirms amplification matches prescribed levels, sound suite testing demonstrates hearing improvement, and outcome questionnaires measure benefit in the situations most important to you. If we don't feel you have the best fitting possible, we'll provide alternatives.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

rechargeable hearing aid

Some hearing aids include a rechargeable option, so there's no need to change small batteries. This can be helpful for individuals with decreased vision or reduced dexterity. (Image courtesy: Phonak)

Bluetooth Compatible Hearing Aids

user with bluetooth hearing aid on noisy street

Most hearing aids can connect with a smartphone, allowing for audio streaming of telephone calls, music and other applications. Free, downloadable apps turn a smartphone into a remote control with the capacity to adjust hearing aid volume, change settings, and even geotag locations. With some hearing aids, the smartphone can be used as a remote microphone to help understand an individual in a noisy environment or at a distance. (Image: Oticon)

Healthables with Artificial Intelligence

healthable hearing aid tracks healthy behaviors

Some hearing aids can also track healthy behaviors, detect falls and monitor certain body functions using on-board sensors. They can integrate with your smartphone to act as a virtual assistant. (Image: Starkey Laboratories)

Custom Hearing Protection

microsonic hearing aids

Custom earmolds offer protection from high-level noise exposure that can cause tinnitus and contribute to permanent hearing loss. For those who play a musical instrument or frequent music venues, custom earmolds with filters help maintain fidelity of sound. Digital hearing protection, which preserves hearing when a loud sound occurs, is available for hunters and those who engage in recreational shooting. (Image: Microsonic, Inc.)

Assistive Listening and Alerting Devices

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Hearing aids may not meet individual needs across all listening environments. Our clinic can provide information on FM systems, induction loop systems, and infrared systems. Information on alerting devices and/or other assistive devices is also available. Contact us to see what might be most helpful to you.

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