Course Descriptions and Equivalents for UVM Prerequisites

UVM Prerequisite Course

UVM Course Equivalent

Course Description

Other Courses Accepted; Disallowed Courses


CSD 023 - Linguistics for Clinicians or LING 080 - Introduction to Linguistics

Biological, cognitive & cultural bases of human communication through language.

NOT Intro to Communication Disorders NOT Intro to Communication Sciences.


CSD 022 - Introduction to Phonetics or LING 165 - Introduction to Phonetics

Articulatory, acoustic & perceptual phonetics including IPA transcription

Phonology; NOT Phonologic Disorders

Language Development

CSD 094 - Development of Spoken Language

Normal language acquisition

Developmental Psycholinguistics, Language Development

Speech & Hearing Science

CSD 101 - Speech & Hearing Science

Structure & function of respiratory, phonatory, articulatory, & auditory systems

Anatomy & Physiology of Speech, Language & Hearing


CSD 281 - Cognitive Neuroscience

Structure & organization of the human central nervous system related to cognition & language

Human Neuroanatomy, Neurolinguistics; NOT Cognition


STAT 111 Elements of Statistics or STAT 141 Basic Statistical Methods

Introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics

Any college-level introduction to statistics; NOT Research Methods

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Additional Course Requirements:

  • Biology - must be human biology
  • Physical Science - must be either chemistry or physics
  • Social Science - any social science
  • Statistics - included in UVM program prerequisites (see table above)

The UVM Speech-Language Pathology Pre-Master’s Track consists of six online prerequisite courses necessary for admission to the UVM Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders.