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College of Nursing and Health Sciences
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Creating New Knowledge through Research

UVM's College of Nursing and Health Sciences is part of the University Health Network connecting talented faculty practitioners, scientists, and scholars. Research spans a variety of disciplines featuring two major themes: basic, clinical, developmental & behavioral science, and Public Health systems & services.

Basic, Clinical, Developmental & Behavioral Science

  • Health and wellness approaches to treating and preventing obesity and related comorbidities
  • Characterizing and treating the underlying postural control mechanisms of neuromusculoskeletal conditions
    • Ge Wu (the elderly, Tai Chi)
  • Laboratory-based biological research
    • Eyal Amiel (approaches to treatment of immune-related disease)
  • Determining the effectiveness of interventions for reducing physical impairments activity limitations and participation restrictions

Public Health Systems & Services

  • Health infrastructure in developing countries
    • Hendrika Maltby (development of competent nursing workforce in Bangladesh)
    • Burt Wilcke (strategies for assuring laboratory infrastructure)
  • Ethical dimensions of health
    • Betty Rambur (moral distress, organizational ethics & culture)

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