Our Chairperson

Jan Fook, Ph.D.
Professor, Chair

Jan Fook Welcome to Social Work at the University of Vermont! We offer BSW and MSW programs that are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, and our research and initiatives strive to help meet the most pressing human service needs of the State of Vermont.

We share your passion for social justice and human rights. Our faculty are dedicated instructors, researchers and active community members who make an impact in interdisciplinary and international settings. We prepare students to become reflective, conscientious, lifelong learners and professionals whose practice embodies the skills and values of social work. Our students benefit from our strong community network of professional social work agencies. Vermont, known for its scenic and progressive atmosphere, provides opportunities for individualized learning as well as community engagement.

We hope that you will enjoy learning about our programs described on the website. Please feel free to contact us to learn more and discuss your professional goals.

Meet Our Full-Time Faculty

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Jacquelyn Barna - Senior Lecturer (JB.Barna@uvm.edu)
Areas of Expertise: Social Work field education practices and pedagogy; contemplative practices pedagogy; critical reflection; social work practice from transformative approaches, and organizational culture, change and practices.

Susan Comerford - Associate Professor (Susan.Comerford@uvm.edu)
Areas of Expertise: Adult Learning; Diversity, Access, and Equity; Human Rights; Immigrant Issues; Leadership; Organizational Development; Neurodiversity and the U.S. Education System

Jan Fook - Professor, Chair (Janis.Fook@uvm.edu)

Siddhesh Mukerji - Lecturer (Siddhesh.Mukerji@uvm.edu)
Areas of Expertise: Environmental social work; Intersection of social-environmental action and religion, focusing on Buddhism; Third-wave behavioral psychotherapies, especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Ann Pugh - Senior Lecturer (Ann.Pugh@uvm.edu)
Areas of Expertise: Policy Practice; Poverty in the U.S.; Field Education; Ann is also a Vermont State Legislator and Chairs the House Human Services and Joint Child Protection Oversight Committees.

Jean Sienkewicz - Lecturer (Jean.Sienkewicz@uvm.edu)
Areas of Expertise: Social Work Practice; Field education; LGBTQ+ inclusivity

Lacey Sloan - Associate Professor (Lacey.Sloan@uvm.edu)
Areas of Expertise: Sexual rights; Social work in Islamic contexts; Social work education

Brenda Solomon - Associate Professor (Brenda.Solomon@uvm.edu)

Christine Velez - Assistant Professor (Christine.Velez@uvm.edu)
Areas of Expertise: Feminist and critical research methodologies and theory; Sexuality, sexual health and sexual rights issues and communities of color; Anti-racist/anti-oppressive social work practice and education

Emeritus Faculty

Fiona Patterson - Associate Professor Emeritus (Fiona.Patterson@uvm.edu)

Susan Roche - Associate Professor Emeritus (Susan.Roche@uvm.edu)
Areas of Expertise: Child and Family Welfare; Collaboration; Diversity, Access, and Equity; Group Co-Leadership; Human Rights; Interpersonal Violence; Social Justice; Social Policy



Our Staff

Kate Ball Clem
(802) 656-2504
Business Manager

Kenneth Bechtel
Academic support for the BSW, MSW, and field programs.

Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership (CWTP) Staff

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