Opportunity for CESS Graduate Students

The CESS Travel Grant Program encourages and supports student travel to present research at academic conferences or professional meetings. Grants are awarded to students presenting their research outside of UVM. Students can receive up to $500 in travel and conference reimbursement.

Applications may be submitted at any point before the travel for which funding is requested. You will receive notification within one week after the application deadline (see deadlines listed below).

General guidelines pertaining to all applications

  • Efforts will be made to utilize the available funds to support as many meritorious requests as possible.
  • Graduate students must also request a maximum allowable mini-grant from the graduate college mini-grant program. For information on the UVM Graduate College Mini-Grant Program.

Additional Guidelines

Applications must be made following the forms above. They must include, in addition to the forms, an abstract of the paper/poster, a copy of the meeting announcement (or similar) and a copy of the applicant's curriculum vitae. Additional materials may be attached where deemed appropriate by the applicant. Requests that do not include all required materials will not be considered.

Preference will be given to:

  • Students who are presenting their first paper/poster,
  • Students who have not received a Mini-Grant before.

Application Deadlines

  • September 15
  • January 15
  • April 15

Download the application for CESS Graduate Student Research Travel Grants (.DOCX)

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the CESS Dean’s Office at 802-656-3424. Thank you.