A trio of photos: first a young white girl with medium brown hair holds a younger girl with large-framed pink glasses and goofy grin; next a table of white women work collaboratively; finally, a young Black boy sits working at a school table, deep in concentration. Text: Vermont Interdisciplinary Team (I-Team)

Statewide collaborative support for Vermont children and youth who require intensive special education.

The Vermont Interdisciplinary Team (I-Team) provides technical assistance for teams working with students ages 3 - 22.

We also provide training to school district personnel, family members, community service providers and general community members on a variety of topics related to the education of students with intensive special education needs. 

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Text: Envision a Future

where every child and youth in Vermont
who requires intensive special education:

  • is welcome in their class and community

  • is taught well

  • and has access to needed resources for a quality education.


The Vermont I-Team was developed with a federal demonstration grant from 1974 to 1977. Since then, our project has been partially funded by the State of Vermont and continues to grow to further support students with special education needs, their families, and their Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.


The I-Team serves the entire state of Vermont, with our main office located at the University of Vermont's Center on Disability and Community Inclusion (CDCI).

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NEW: IEP language amendment

In order for I-Team services to be reimbursable by VT-AOE, the services must be included in the IEP agreement.

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