A trio of photos: first, a standalone infant toilet set up, in a residential bathroom; next, a masked adult adjusts the fit of a toileting setup for a clothed child; finally, the clothed child sits wonderingly in the toileting setup. Text: Vermont Continence Project

The Vermont Continence Project promotes positive, person-centered, science-driven toileting supports for Vermont’s children and youth.

We provide consultation, training, and resources aimed at reducing chronic incontinence.

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Continence is a basic need that affects a person’s health, self-esteem, dignity, and quality of life. Mastery of toileting skills promotes inclusion at home, school, and in the community. We believe that current and accessible resources, information, and support should be available to each individual, parent, caregiver, and team.


The Vermont Continence Project works to:

  • Collect and share resources about continence and toilet-learning. Materials are relevant for parents/caregivers, educators and school teams, child care providers, health care and mental health providers, and students/individuals with or without disabilities.
  • Provide support and consultation to individuals, schools, agencies, teams, and families who are working to develop and implement toileting programs.
  • Provide parent and team workshops and trainings statewide to support those working on toilet-learning goals.
  • Collaborate with agencies, schools, and organizations statewide with the goal of mastering toileting skills as a priority for all children and young adults
  • Respect and honor each individual’s personal goals, using a Self-Determination framework of participation.


  • School-Based Toilet-Learning Plan

    Project coordinator Chayah Lichtig developed this planning tool to offer school-based teams a way to examine circumstances affecting toileting. The plan can help a team look for ways to provide flexibility and support to individuals working on their continence and toileting.

    Get a copy of the plan in Google Docs here. Use File > Make a Copy, and add it to your own Google Drive.

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The Vermont Continence Project receives funding support from the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP), through the University of Vermont Medical Center.

An icon of a toilet. Text: Vermont Continence Project.

How to Request Continence Services

Continence Project services are offered free of charge and are only available for Vermont residents.

To meet the ongoing need of currently referred teams, new referrals are paused until early September. 

In the meantime, please see our available resources to support your work, and feel free to reach out to our coordinator, Chayah Lichtig, with question or concerns.