Coordinating training and assistance on restorative approaches in schools across Vermont

RISE-VT stands for Restorative Approaches Implementation for School Equity in VermonT.

The RISE-VT project is part of the Vermont Restorative Approaches Collaborative, funded through the Vermont Agency of Education.

The RISE-VT Coordination Team worked with the Vermont Restorative Approaches Collaborative (VTRAC) to identify four sites with experience utilizing restorative approaches. 

The sites selected for this project were well-positioned to deepen their knowledge and practice of restorative approaches. At this time, each site has connected with a restorative approaches coach. They have each participated in their first Community of Practice meeting. The RISE-VT partners assisted each site in documenting their use of restorative approaches, what form those practices currently take, and what they see as their next steps.

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    BEST Project Director Amy Wheeler-Sutton explains how, where, and why RISE-VT is making a difference with their work.

Text: RISE-VT Vermont Restorative Approaches Collaborative

2022-2023 RISE-VT Sites

  • Burlington School District
  • Proctor Jr/Sr High School
  • Twinfield Union School
  • Wolcott Elementary School



Restorative approaches (sometimes referred to as restorative practices) is a mindset with the goal of building, maintaining, and repairing relationships. Restorative approaches keep relationships at the center of disciplinary and support practices, and are built on mutual respect, with individuals taking responsibility for their actions.