"Life stories have the power to transform the world and also share the experience and strength of people who have been part of changing disability rights and services. CDCI celebrates the stories of individuals with developmental disabilities who have both lived through and helped make needed change."

--- Deborah Lisi-Baker


What are Life Histories?

Life Histories are stories told through speech, in writing, through art, or video, saved for posterity. All of us have a story to tell. And all of our stories are important. But especiallyvaluable are the stories of Vermonters with disabilities who have both lived through, and helped to make, major changes in services in the past few decades.

The Life Histories Project at CDCI strives to record and save these stories, to preserve each person's history. We hope to learn from what each person has to say.

Life Histories Videos



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Project History

The Life Histories project began in 2011. Since then, this project has evolved to encompass the stories of Vermonters of all ages who experience disability. This important work to preserve our stories is done in partnership with Green Mountain Self-Advocates.