A trio of images: left, a Hispanic man in his early thirties holds a newborn close to his face, smiling softly; middle: a toddler with albinism plays in a playground; right, a pale-skinned pre-adolescent holds her hand on a woman's very pregnant stomach. Children's Integrated Services.

Children's Integrated Services (CIS) is Vermont's early intervention program for infants and toddlers with developmental delays, and their families.

The CIS model improves child and family outcomes by combining services and funding.

A Black woman in a black headscarf and comfy clothes sits on a sofa cuddling an infant in a lilac headwrap and beige onesie. Next to her, a brown-skinned man with short curly hair coos at the infant.

Children’s Integrated Services (CIS) is Vermont’s unique model for combining early intervention with additional support services infants, children and their families.

These support services can be nursing, family support, early childhood and family mental health, and specialized child care services. They can also include child health care providers.

The CIS model includes:

  • family-centered holistic prevention
  • early intervention
  • health promotion services
  • effective service coordination
  • and flexible funding to address gaps in services.

For information on Children's Integrated Services professional development, please contact Julia Wayne, at julia.wayne@uvm.edu.

Text: Children's Integrated Services in Vermont

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Children’s Integrated Services is a project of both the UVM Center on Disability & Community Inclusion (CDCI) and the Vermont Department for Children and Families, Child Development Division.