We are a network of interdisciplinary professionals (allied health, early intervention, assistive technology, special education) serving infants, children, and youth with complex needs within the state of Vermont. 

We include both new and experienced providers and share a commitment to continually improving our knowledge, skills, and practice.

Our Mission

To support the development of pediatric professionals to improve the health outcomes of Vermont infants, children, and youth and their families.

Our Goals

• Sharing knowledge
• Building professional relationships and connections
• Amplifying our shared vision of all children actively participating, learning, growing, and experiencing wellness in their homes, schools, and communities.

Our Values

• Commitment to collaborative teaming and bridging disciplines
• Evidence based practice to advance knowledge-to-action
• A holistic perspective on health and disability rooted in the ICF model and family-centered care.


We have recently changed our name from "Training and Resources for Interdisciplinary Professionals Serving Children and Youth (TRIPSCY)" to the “Pediatric Professional Collaborative of Vermont” (PedsProVT). 

The name change is intended to:

  • be easier to say and remember
  • to welcome more pediatric professionals to our community
  • to emphasize the Vermont communities we serve
  • and to highlight our belief in the improved efficacy of a collaborative approach to health promotion.