Senior Research Analyst

Jim Sullivan is a Senior Research Analyst at the UVM Transportation Research Center. Prior to his research career at UVM, he worked in the private sector as a consulting engineer for 15 years. He holds a professional engineering license and is pursuing a Ph.D.

Jim leads projects in the research areas of land-use and transportation modeling, transportation energy and system efficiency, and winter maintenance. His modeling research includes applications of critical-infrastructure modeling platforms for testing of various measures of network performance under scenarios of disruption. Applications of risk-based methods for assessing critical infrastructure have included passenger-vehicle transport, freight transport, delivery of emergency services, and provision of snow and ice control, all under disruptive scenarios created by severe weather.

Additionally, Jim currently maintains and operates the statewide travel-demand model for Vermont under contract to the Vermont Agency of Transportation, along with a variety of research projects related to transportation demand, behavior, and energy use. Although Jim works on numerous critical research themes, the aspect he values most about his position with the TRC is the opportunity to work alongside various accomplished faculty members and colleagues.


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James Sullivan

Areas of Expertise and/or Research


  • Network Disruption Analysis
  • Network Performance Measurement


  • Roadway Snow and Ice Control
  • Transportation Climate Adaptation


  • M.S., University of Vermont
  • B.S., Cornell University


  • 802-656-9679
Office Location:

105 Mansfield House

Courses Taught

  • Course Instructor for CE 295: Transportation Planning and Modeling

An advanced elective covering the entire process of travel-demand modeling, the collection, analysis, & expansion of travel survey & land-use data, and mathematical methods common to transportation planning, including spatial multiple regression, cross-classification, Gravity Model application and calibration, curve fitting, binary and multinomial logit choice modeling, network path search, and network assignment.

  • Course Instructor for CE 133: Transportation Systems

A core course for juniors and seniors in civil engineering covering transportation planning, traffic flow and parking analysis, safety analysis and geometric design.