A Kiddie CATs teacher explaing how to use equipment to children during the "Plan" period. 

The Kiddie CATs on the Move program is a 30-minute physical activity curriculum designed for preschool students (3 – 5 years of age). Kiddie CATs is designed to help preschoolers reach moderate-to-vigorous activity levels, become more aware of their bodies, practice important gross motor skills and learn the importance of incorporating physical activity into their daily lives.  The program follows a “Plan, Do, Review” sequence popularized by the HighScope® Early Childhood Curriculum. To learn more about Kiddie CATs on the Move, click here to watch a video about the program created with help from some of our preschool friends. 

Program Components:

Plan: In the “Plan” period, a Kiddie CATs teacher reviews the program rules; highlights a weekly motor skill; reviews the activities for the day; introduces and models use of new equipment, skills, rules, or concepts; and reviews the directions for the first “Do” activity.

Do: The primary goal of the four, 5-minute "Do" periods is to keep children engaged in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity by using activities from the program manual.

Review: “Review” periods are after “Do” periods and provide Kiddie CATs teachers with opportunities to provide children with praise, feedback, and directions for the next “Do” period. The first three “Review” periods are one minute in duration, but the final period lasts two minutes. During this final "review period," Kiddie CATs teachers and children talk about the importance of physical activity while stretching as a group. 

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