CATs Training

Looking to be a part of CATs on the Move?

We are always looking for new people to join our CATs team!

For Schools and Teachers

If you are interested in starting either of our CATs on the Move programs in your community or school, please contact us at

For University of Vermont Students

If you are a UVM undergraduate student interested in taking courses related to the CATs on the Move programs, there are number of course offerings you can consider. We are pleased to offer the PSYS 3450 and PSYS 3455 courses in Fall 2023! 

For Faculty at Colleges and Universities

If you are interested in starting a service learning course related to our CATs on the Move programs at your college or university, please contact Betsy Hoza at

Attending Training

The next Kiddie CATs on the Move training will be held on Saturday, September 9th, 2023 in Burlington VT. Please email us at if you are interested in attending this training!