The CATs on the Move program is a 30-minute physical activity curriculum developed for students in kindergarten – 3rd grade. CATs on the Move is designed to increase the amount of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity that early elementary school children experience in their daily lives using a fun and engaging curriculum. Check out how to bring the CATs on the Move program to your school!

Program Components

Instant activity: Instant Activities are each 2 minutes long. They begin instantly; the instructor teaches and leads the activity by constantly moving and modeling what is expected of the children.

Station activity: Each station activity is 8 minutes long. These activities are structured games with creative plot lines that are more complicated than instant activities. Station activities are intended to hold the children’s interest and engagement for the full allotted time. Instructors take 20 seconds at the beginning of each station to give instructions to the large group. Station activities can be played as a large group, or with smaller groups of children. Station activities incorporate different variations and motivators to keep children’s physical activity levels high.

Transitions: Each transition is a one minute, large group movement activity led by an instructor. Transitions are used as a time to re-group (and set-up, if necessary) for the next station or instant activity.