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Well told stories can spark real societal change that can combat our climate crisis.

We remember stories, not statistics. Environmental Studies senior Leah Kelleher harnesses the power of storytelling in her new podcast series Attune. 

This audio storytelling project shares stories that stitch us closer to the world outside our window and help us re-imagine what it means to exist on our planet. The series features environmental thinkers, scientists, and students from Vermont and beyond. Attune is made possible by the University of Vermont's Clean Energy Fund Fellowship grant

Attune is written, edited, and produced by Leah Kelleher.

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“A Soil Symphony” Acknowledgements


Blue Dot Sessions: Illustrated Novel

Chad Crouch: The Ramble, Fuzzy Caterpillar, Starlight

Siddhartha: Lightstream

Lobo Loco: Way to the Light


News Audio Clips:

CBS News, 2013 (0.00-0.12)

​Vermont PBS, 2017 (2.13-2.20)

​City of Sarasota, 2017 (0.03-0.09)

​FOX Carolina News (0.19-0.26)

​CBS Miami (0.00-0.15)

Sound Effects

Explosion by deleted_user_5405837

​Retreating Earthworms by Benboncan

​Smell_02 by Otakua

​Fire and little fire by plingativator and Glaneur de sons


“Rising to Meet Uncertainty” Acknowledgements


Yung Kartz: Down to Earth

Blue Dot Sessions: Detailing

Chad Crouch: Spring Migration, Barefoot, Ballad of the Blackbirds (Instrumental), and Song Sparrow Serenade


Sound Effects:

“Denali National Park and Preserve” and “Dawn Chorus” by Betchkal 

“Ringing in ears” by Hardance 

“Wasps and bees in our garden” by straget 

“Song sparrow” by thomas_evdokimoff 

Common Murre calls by Gerrit Vyn and Martha Fischer 

News Audio Clips:

Ayakha Melithafa audio by ITV News (0.57-1.05) 

Feinstein and the Green New Deal by Guardian News (1.05-1.15) 

Biden Plan for Clean Energy Revolution by Joe Biden (0.52-1.15) 

Greta Thunberg audio by UNTV/UN Web TV, from NPR (0.37-1.23), (4.11-2.27), and (4.38-4.49) 

Pacific Ocean Blob by CBS News (1.11-1.16) 

Climate activist group Sunrise Movement endorses Senator Bernie Sanders by CBS News (1.33-4.40) 


“Imagination and Observation "Acknowledgements


Blue Dot Sessions: Clouds at the Gap, Slimeheart

Chad Crouch: The Chorus Ceases, Song Sparrow Serenade, and The Bluff Trail  

Philip Glass: Glassworks

Heilung: Krigsgaldr (Live)


Sound Effects:

Retreating Earthworms by Benboncan

Snow Crunch 02 by luminadii

Glass break small by natemarler 

Mechanical Keyboard Typing by George Hopkins 

Forest Summer Roond by klankbeeld 

Running, Snow, A by Inspector J 

Heartbeat, Regular, Single by Inspector J 


Studio 2: Carl Sagan by TVO Docs (1.07-2.10) and (2.48-3.16)