Senior Lecturer

Research and/or Creative Works

Retired Clinical and Educational Director, Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center, Vermont Department for Chilrden and Families, Colchester, Vermont.

Management/administrative responsibilities include:

  • oversight of all treatment services
  • staff training
  • program development and evaluation
  • student internship program
  • regular, special, remedial, and vocational educational services

Clinical responsibilities include:

  • clinical supervision of all staff
  • group, individual, and family counseling
  • training and implementation of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT)
  • sexual aggression counseling
  • psychological, behavioral, and educational evaluations

Research is focused on Program Evaluation Design and Assessment to monitor the effectiveness of the programs at Woodside, to ensure that all aspects of Cognitive Behavior Therapy methods and materials are evidence-based and to make necessary improvements based on the ongoing research.


  • Paper presentation: November 15, 1999, 61st Annual National Council on Family Relations Conference; "Border, Boundaries, and Beacons: Diverse Families in Dynamic Societies," Irvine, California. Evaluation of Vermont's court-mandated education program for separating parents.
  • Workshop presentation: September 24, 1999, Vermont Psychological Association Annual Conference: "Caring for Kids," Colchester, VT. Meeting the mental health needs of delinquent children and adolescents.
  • Poster presentation: June 6, 1985, Vermont Conference on the Primary Prevention of Psychopathology, Burlington, VT. Implementation and evaluation of a home day care child abuse prevention program. Elizabeth D. Gibbs, Lynne A. Bond, Phil Zunder & Judith Candido, University of Vermont and Vermont Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services.
  • Workshop presentation: September 18, 1984, The Fifth International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The creation and evaluation of part-time neighborhood daycare and parent support program for high-risk families. E.D. Gibbs, J. Burchard, J. Goldhaber, T. Martin & J. Candido, University of Vermont and Vermont Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services.


  • B.S. Northeastern University, 1972
  • M.Ed. Boston College, 1973
  • M.A. University of Vermont, 1994
  • Ph.D. University of Vermont, 1998


  • 802-985-2034
Office Location:

234 Dewey Hall

Office Hours:

By appointment via email