Below is a simple guide to our new numbering system.

Guide to New Course Numbering System
Old Course NumberNew Course NumberCourse Name
PSYS 001PSYS 1400Intro to Psychological Science 
PSYS 053 (fall)PSYS 2000Psych Research Methods w/lab (4 credits) 
PSYS 053 (spring)PSYS 2002Psych Reseach Methods w/o lab (3 credits) 
PSYS 054PSYS 2010Statistics for Psych Sci
PSYS 095PSYS 1010First Year Seminars
PSYS 095PSYS 1012D2 First-Year Seminars
PSYS 111PSYS 2100Learning, Cognition & Behavior
PSYS 115PSYS 2200Biopsychology
PSYS 130PSYS 2300Social Psychology
PSYS 150PSYS 2400Developmental Psych: Childhood
PSYS 170PSYS 2500Psychopathology (old name = Abnormal Psychology) 
PSYS 190PSYS 3991Mentored Clinical Internship
PSYS 191PSYS 3994Teaching Assistantship
PSYS 198PSYS 2995Undergraduate Research
PSYS 211PSYS 3100Learning
PSYS 212PSYS 3105Cognition
PSYS 213PSYS 3110Motivation
PSYS 214PSYS 3215Adv Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYS 215PSYS 3200Physiological Psychology
PSYS 216PSYS 3250Psychopharmacology
PSYS 218PSYS 3205Hormones and Behavior
PSYS 220PSYS 3210Behavioral Genetics
PSYS 230PSYS 3300Advanced Social Psychology
PSYS 232PSYS 3305Self and Social Cognition
PSYS 240PSYS 3350Organizational Psychology
PSYS 251PSYS 3405Race in American Youth
PSYS 252PSYS 3410Emotional Devlmt & Temperament
PSYS 254PSYS 3415Social Development
PSYS 255PSYS 3420Psychology of Gender
PSYS 257PSYS 3400Adolescence
PSYS 259PSYS 3425Psychology of Families
PSYS 268PSYS 3450Fit Kids Applied Research
PSYS 269PSYS 3520Fit Kids: Special Populations
PSYS 270PSYS 3505Behav Disorders of Childhood
PSYS 271PSYS 3500Intro to Clinical Psychology
PSYS 278PSYS 3515Science of Traumatic Stress
PSYS 279PSYS 3510Intro to Health Psychology
PSYS 281PSYS 3455Adv Fit Kids: Applied Research
PSYS 282PSYS 3525Adv Fit Kids: Spec Populations
PSYS 295PSYS 3990Special Topics
HON 248 & 249PSYS 4996Honors in Psychological Science