UVM Jewish Studies Minor Explores Civilizations

Jewish Studies examines Judaism not only as a religion but as a civilization with deep roots, and as a culture encompassing a rich tradition in language, literature, philosophy and religion, customs and ritual, art, music and film. Jewish Studies is by its nature interdisciplinary and cross-cultural, so UVM offers courses from religion, history, classics, literature (English, French, German and Italian), Hebrew, sociology and theater.

Jewish Studies' faculty brings expertise from across campus

Helga Schreckenberger Chair; Professor of German

Jewish Studies is a broad subject that invites viewpoints from a variety of disciplines, and UVM’s program draws on expertise from many different subject areas. Faculty members are top-notch scholars and expert teachers who are deeply devoted to their students. Learn more about our faculty >>

UVM's award-winning Holocaust Center offers opportunity, partnerships

Hillel Facility

The New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) has chosen the Carolyn and Leonard Miller Center for Holocaust Studies at the University of  Vermont as the recipient of its 2016 Robert J. McKenna Award for Program Achievement. Visit the Holocaust Center website >>

UVM Hillel: Turn passion into action


Want to work in advertising? Try majoring in religion.

What can you do with a major in religion? Matt McLaughlin '08 shares one career path: advertising. McLaughlin conceived of the series "out of thin air," brought the concept to Reddit and sold Google Cloud on sponsoring the spots, which netted the company its highest advertising revenues ever. Read the full article on majoring in religion >>