Requirements for Minor in Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies examines Judaism not only as a religion but also as an ongoing civilization, and as a culture encompassing a rich textual tradition, literature in several languages, philosophy and religion, customs and ritual, art, music and film. Jewish Studies is by its nature interdisciplinary and cross-cultural.

The Minor requirements are as follows:
Eighteen credits including:

No more than three credits may come from courses also used to fulfill a major.

As an interdisciplinary minor, drawing on the rich resources of the university, Jewish Studies courses will vary from year to year. Central to the minor are courses offered yearly in Judaism (Religion Department), the Holocaust (holocaust studies/history), the Bible (religion, English), Jewish literature and writing about and after the Holocaust (world literature, romance languages, German, English), and Hebrew (German). Also available will be courses in film, political science, and environmental studies, as well as special offerings in other departments.