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The UVM Historic Preservation Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) provides an opportunity for capable undergraduate UVM students to enroll directly in the Historic Preservation graduate program while taking advantage of Accelerated Master’s Program degree incentives.



Following their formal admission into the Historic Preservation Accelerated Master's Program (AMP), students work simultaneously on their B.A. and M.S. requirements, counting up to nine credits of 200-graduate level courses toward both the B.A. and the M.S. degrees. The remaining 21 credits of graduate study required for Historic Preservation M.S. degree normally would be taken by AMP students in three semesters following undergraduate graduation.

Undergraduate students must apply for and be accepted to the AMP through the standard Graduate College application process. Normally, the application and admission process must be finalized prior to the beginning of the senior year. In all cases, students must be admitted by the Graduate College before taking any courses that will apply to the master’s degree, i.e., all courses used for the master’s degree must be taken after formal admission to the AMP.

The specific requirements for the Historic Preservation Accelerated Master’s Program are described here in the UVM Catalogue.