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The Master of Science graduate degree in Historic Preservation prepares graduate students for broad-based careers in the field of historic preservation. The main educational goal is the development of long-term professional perspectives, bolstered by training in appropriate skills. Students are offered an intensive, practical, community-oriented, professional experience. Strong emphasis is placed on hands-on, community-based projects through linkages with local, state and federal groups, organizations and agencies, heritage organizations, museums, and historic sites.

  • Multiple Paths to Career Success

    Examples of positions that have been held by graduates of the UVM Historic Preservation Program include: state and federal historic preservation officers; executive directors and field representatives of non-profit preservation organizations; executive directors of historic site museums; directors of historic preservation revolving funds; historic preservation review coordinators; historic preservation faculty at colleges and universities; downtown preservation development managers; and principals and associates of historic preservation consulting firms and cultural resource management companies. For more background on what UVM Historic Preservation Program alumni are doing, take a look at our Outcomes and Careers page.

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Graduate admissions

Graduate students are admitted to the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program from a wide variety of academic backgrounds ranging from history, architectural history, architecture, and business administration, to engineering, art history, planning, law, and other fields of undergraduate study. Candidates must hold at least a bachelors' degree from an accredited academic institution prior to enrollment.

Because historic preservation is a field of many skills and interests, the admissions review policy maintains flexibility about applicants' previous academic studies and experience, placing emphasis upon their stated motivations and capacity to do independent, self-directed work.

Those interested should apply directly to UVM Graduate Admissions using the on-line application form.

The UVM Historic Preservation Program welcomes diversity. The policy of the University of Vermont is to not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, color, religion, age, national origin, or Vietnam Veteran status in admission or access to or treatment or employment in its programs and activities.

Questions? Discuss career plans? Schedule an appointment or visit?
Contact the Historic Preservation Program by email at histpres@uvm.edu


Tuition & Financial Aid

A reduced non-resident tuition rate for graduate students enrolled in the Master of Science Historic Preservation Program is now in effect. This non-resident alternate pricing tuition rate is $1,130 per credit. Vermont residents may apply for the in-state tuition rate. Residency policy information is available from the UVM Registrar. Current information on graduate tuition, fees and estimated expenses is available from UVM Student Financial Services.

Scholarship support may be available. For information on current scholarships, fellowships and assistantship opportunities, contact the Historic Preservation Program by email at histpres@uvm.edu.

Graduate students with outstanding academic backgrounds may be nominated for special scholarships awarded by the UVM College of Arts and Sciences.

Students who satisfy a financial need requirement are also eligible for federal work-study support. The Historic Preservation Program typically has work study positions available for all pre-qualified students. Applications for work-study funding must be made through the UVM Financial Aid office. Please click here for a link to more information and application procedures for financial aid.

Questions? Schedule an appointment or visit? Request an information package? Contact the Historic Preservation Program by email at histpres@uvm.edu

For more information on Graduate Admission and Applications that links to https://www.uvm.edu/graduate/application_instructions .

For Undergraduates

The University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program offers a Master of Science degree in Historic Preservation, as well as an Accelerated Masters Program

Undergraduate students may wish to consider an Individually Designed Minor in Historic Preservation. An IDM in historic preservation might include courses to learn about observations about architectural history, landscape heritage, architectural conservation, adaptive reuse and other topics.