FTS Students Experience the Festival World

FTS offers a 1-credit course that immerses students in the film festival world. Every fall, in collaboration with the Vermont International Film Festival in Burlington, students attend screenings and events, interact with filmmakers and audiences, and write about their experiences. We also travel to Camden, ME to the world renowned Camden International Film Festival. In upcoming years we look forward to expanding opportunities to include additional festivals. Each event provides an experiential case study to explore the role of film festivals in our cultural landscape.

Vermont International Film Festival (VTIFF)

The mission of VTIFF is to enrich the community and bring the world to Vermont through film. VTIFF does this by curating a broad panorama of independent films from around the globe while at the same time, through its NEQ Regional Showcase, exhibiting and promoting the best of films made by local / regional filmmakers. The purpose of the festival is bring the community together and to share the film viewing experience.

Camden International Film Festival (CIFF)

The Points North Institute is a launching pad for the next generation of nonfiction storytellers. Programs include the annual Camden International Film Festival and Points North Forum, as well as a growing suite of artist development initiatives: retreats, residencies, workshops and fellowships that nurture the careers of diverse nonfiction storytellers and help them develop a stronger artistic voice. “Camden has grown into a major documentary event.” – Peter Keough, The Boston Globe

Allen Vance ('19) sitting on a bench wearing virtual reality goggles

Allen Vance ('19) checking out Virtual Reality at Camden International Film Festival’s “Storyforms” space. ©CIFF

Student work at CIFF

In Fall 2018, FTS alum Ana Banu ’11 joined students and faculty on a 4-day trip to the Camden International Film Festival. Banu is co-founder of Black Horse Mansion, a pop-up video production studio born out of the pleasure of creative collaboration located in Bucharest, Romainia. Upon return, she wrote this review: Virtual Reality bringing us closer to social reality, based on exhibits at CIFF.

During the festival, Banu collaborated with FTS major William Cottiss on this short film:


Walt Disney Travel Course

This winter travel course will examine the centrality of Walt Disney to the development of American media culture and its global spread. If you have any questions please contact Professor Sarah Nilsen.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Professor Deb Ellis or email english@uvm.edu